The Benefits of Modernizing Your Crane

Increased production, faster operating speeds, better controls, or automation and those are just the tip of the ice-burg of what you can gain when you decide to modernize or upgrade your crane.

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Increased production, faster-operating speeds and better controls or automation are all just the tips of the ice-burg of what you can gain when you decide to modernize/upgrade your crane.

Modernizing your crane can be the perfect solution for you if, your reliability has deteriorated to the point where you now are experiencing unscheduled shutdowns resulting in increased production costs. If it is an older model of a crane, many of the parts may now be obsolete which will result in high costs for spare parts and long lead times. Your inspections also may show excessive wear or even non-compliance with current safety standards and practices. All of these are reasons why someone may choose to upgrade their crane or another lifting device.


Often times the original equipment manufacturers will have designed the structural components of their cranes to withstand the mechanical forces a crane can experience far more than those which are encountered in normal everyday operations. This is why it is not that uncommon to find an overhead crane with a structure over 80 years old that is still used in operation today. Therefore, by choosing to modernize and upgrade your crane rather than scrap your outdated crane you will be able to save money.

Mechanical Upgrades:

Parts such as wheels, gears or bearings have a useful life over 20 years, although the availability of these parts could become problematic within 10 to 15 years. By replacing these old, worn parts with their modern counterparts you will be assured that spare parts will be available when needed.

When you apply new technological advancements to your crane, you will also be extending the life of it. For example; if you use modern precision gearing (which has a much closer tolerance) this results in reduced vibration, which will lead to less gear wear. Meaning you will require less maintenance and in turn have a quicker crane.

One of the most important cranes’ modernization/retrofit/repair considerations is the replacement of outdated or unserviceable crane brakes with the current modern industrial braking technology.

By upgrading your braking system you will help to: 

  • Improve brake performance
  • Help brake linings last longer
  • Decrease the potential for leaks which can be created from old hydraulic braking systems
  • Eliminate the need for AC-DC rectifier panels
  • Brakes meant for high duty cycle, high-speed or high torque stopping

Control Technology

Through the use of current technological advancements, there have been significant improvements to the structural and mechanical portions of overhead cranes. Control systems are one of the most important aspects of overhead crane and hoists and without them, the machine would be unable to function or perform in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Today’s control technology is all about the precision handling of materials with speed and efficiency.

There are many reasons why people invest in modernizing their cranes. Not only does it help to save money but it is environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of waste that would naturally occur from replacing an entire crane.

So, whether your crane has gone into disrepair from lack of maintenance or if it is just no longer meeting your lifting requirements you will be able to fix many of the issues you are currently experiencing through the modernization of it.


Have you had your crane modernized?

Are you looking to modernize your crane?

What benefits do you think to occur when you modernize a crane?

Comment below and share your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “The Benefits of Modernizing Your Crane”

  1. I like how you suggest replacing your crane’s parts with new ones to ensure that you will be able to replace them when necessary. Keeping your equipment up to date whenever you can would be essential to keeping your business in working order years in the future. If you didn’t do this it could cause problems in which you wouldn’t be able to work because a piece was broken or something like that.


  2. I like how you said that crane services today have lots of precision and speed when it comes to controlling the machine. This would be really good because it would help increase efficiency and probably increase safety as well. Being able to respond more quickly to a situation would mean you could end it faster as well.


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