How to Prepare for the Machine Safety Blitz

With the Machine Safety Blitz upon us it is time to take action in order to be prepared. So what can you do?

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With the machine safety blitz coming upon us it is time to take action in order to be prepared. So what can you do? The WSPS created an incredibly informative article about what you can do in order to be prepared, but I am going to summarize it for you in case you don’t have enough time to read the full article.

RECAP: The blitz is going to be focusing on machines that are not locked out, guarded or blocked when one completes maintenance, repairs or any other operations on them.

So what can you do currently in order to be prepared?

Here are 6 steps:

Step 1) Create a list of every machine, station, cell and production line that is in your facility.

Step 2) For every piece of equipment, make a list of all accessible equipment hazards or safeguards that you can reach under over, through or around.  Look for things such as lockout points, energy isolation points and other similar hazards.

Step 3) Conduct a high-level physical inspection of every piece of machinery, focusing on high-risk equipment first.

Step 4) Make a plan for correcting any safeguarding deficiencies that you come across and of course focus on the highest risk deficiencies first.

Step 5) If your workplace has the ability and knowledge to do it, correct all of the deficiencies in-house. If not outsource just ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently.

Step 6) Follow up. Ensure that all of your new improvements are effective and are not creating new hazards.

Step 7) How to have an ongoing safeguarding strategy

  • Establish a formal risk assessment process.
  • Access machine safety twice. (Once assuming there are no safeguards and again if you have identified possible safeguards)
  • Develop an internal equipment safety evaluation process.
  • Ensure your procurement process takes into account current standards and regulations.


To read the full article click here.

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