Spring Rooftop Maintenance

Spring is a time of renewal, spring cleaning and maintenance. It’s time to do your seasonal must do’s for roof top maintenance.  Ensure your roof top work environment and rooftop access are safe and protected with RoofGuard. Taking shortcuts when working on a rooftop without proper protection will only spell disaster.

Rooftop Guardrail

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Spring is a time of renewal, spring-cleaning and maintenance. and it is time for your seasonal must do’s with respect to rooftop maintenance. Ensure your rooftop work environment and rooftop access are safe and protected with RoofGuard. Taking shortcuts while working on a rooftop without proper protection, will only spell disaster.

OSHA requires employers to ensure a proper safety program for employees working at heights. RoofGuard provides workers with a safe, simple and economical passive fall protection solution when working on rooftop mechanical equipment, hatch openings or ladder access points.

Guardrails offer fall protection to multiple workers with no tie-off points or personal protective equipment (PPE) required. Our RoofGuard system is freestanding and does not require attachment to the roof itself, so there isn’t any penetration of the roof membrane.  Designed and engineered to strict standards, it offers a simple, versatile, easy to install alternative to engineered tie-off points and anchorage systems. RoofGuard can be easily reconfigured during installation to handle almost any scenario. Our Professional Engineers can visit your facility to ensure proper design of the system around hazardous areas. In most cases, the system can also be moved to cover different areas if work is periodic.

With a focus on eliminating the potential hazards for rooftop falls, Roof Guard X-Press has been created to combine safety and innovation. Our all-new re-designed system reduces installation time drastically and still contains many of the excellent features of our Roof Guard Classic model. Both systems are available in easy to install kits, or as a complete engineered turn-key installation depending on the scope of the project. We also offer a variety of related products, such as RoofStep or RoofWalk to protect your workers and your rooftop.

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